Regavi is a digital business card and smart contacts app that enhances your ability to connect with others and grow & maintain relationships. By writing to your phone's native contacts apps, Regavi brings dynamic contact information to the systems you already use. Keep reading to learn more about how Regavi betters your communication experience.


A dog tag for your contacts.

Singular, unified platform ID. Bundle all of your contact information under one username. When you want to exchange contact info with someone, just exchange OneTags.


A business card on your phone.

If someone doesn't have Regavi, still exchange info by having them scan your digicard from their camera. If they do have regavi, scan in the app to mutually exchange information.

Smart Contacts

Live updating for your contacts.

Eliminate the need to let people know when your information changes, update it in regavi and it's instantly updated in all of your connections' native contacts apps.


Segmentation for your contacts.

Allow each connection to only see the info you want them to see. Choose what to share based on the nature of a relationship. If it's a friend, let them see all your info. If it's your boss, only let them see your email and your LinkedIn profile.

Coming Soon: Organizations

Groups for your contacts.

Create a OneTag for a group or club and easily get the contact info of all the members. When you join a new group, get added to the Organization and get connected with everyone in no time.

Connect everywhere with Regavi.

You're on it, Regavi is too.

Regavi currently supports connecting on more than 10 social and professional platforms. Sign in to each platform in Regavi and choose with whom to share. It's that simple.