Michael P. Kramer


My drive comes from a deep commitment to creating a lasting impact. From the second I identify a problem, my brain is working on how to turn it into an opportunity. At Regavi, you'll find my fingerprints on most things, especially those related to branding, image, and mission. I hold a BSBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and am in the process of completing an MS in Data Analytics and Statistics.

Jack Crawford


For me, there's nothing worse than ugly design. I strive to balance form and function so that the user experience is both pleasant and useful. With an undergraduate degree in cognitive neuroscience and design and a masters' degree in computer science, I understand how people think and do everything I can to create intuitive software.

Hannah Gallagher


I am passionate about creating scalable, strategic solutions to tough problems. I believe that innovations worth building are worth building well. At Regavi, I work to make sure that we get stuff done – from HR to organizational planning to process improvement. I hold a BA in Economics and am currently a J.D. Candidate at the Washington University School of Law.

Michael Madden

Head of Android

To me, development is not a skill, but a form of art. My passion burns to create beautiful and robust software that will stand the tests of time. In my work, I cut no corners as my longing for perfection demands flawless construction. I bring this passion to Regavi through my work in Android Development, where I continuously refactor and redesign the inner workings of our application. I'm currently pursuing a BS in Computer Science, after which, I will pursue a masters of engineering in a similar field.

Jacob Quigley


My passion is efficient problem solving. I view each problem as a puzzle with my job being to either develop the necessary pieces or the layout to bring it all together and create something amazing. Here at Regavi, I manage server logic and database structuring, implementing new features in a way that prioritizes protecting user data and speed. I am an undergraduate pursuing a degree in computer science and mathematics.

Development/Business Interns

  • Russell Scharf
  • Jack Horan
  • Andrew Waldherr
  • Arnav Kanaan
  • Matthew Zweig
  • David Waldman
  • Logan Card

Our team of interns, 2 on the software development, and 5 on the business development side come from a broad base of academic experience and are a critical part of our success at Regavi. From talking to countless people about the product, to media production, to mass outreach, to developing part of the code base, each contributes in unique ways. Being an intern at Regavi is an incredible hands-on experience for first-year students at Washington University in St. Louis allowing them to employ their creativity, skills, and passion for growing new relationships and helping others connect in some of their earliest semesters on campus.