At Regavi, we know that a great idea is worthless without a great team and that poorly-executed strategy is as bad, if not worse, than having no strategy at all. We hope this information helps you believe in our vision and our team as much as we do.

Today: Augmented contact book and digital business card focused around automatically updating information and seamlessly mirroring exchanging business cards within the convenience of a phone.

Soon: Absolute control and protection over the information any user chooses to share with another user, group, or business entity.

Future: Fraud prevention, identity verification, and more.

Highly-motivated, hungry, group of recent graduates and current students from Washington University in St. Louis willing to sacrifice for the company.

Diverse, cross-functional team with wide-array of skills and in-depth industry and customer knowledge.

Experienced leaders, managers, and innovators with strong history of success.

To be a connection rather than a communication platform, the “missing link of the internet.” By not being a content platform, we help people regain visibility (the origin of the name) by putting people rather than digital media back at the center of relationships. Helping to curate interaction rather than consumption and removing friction from relationship-building.

To judge on connection rather than engagement metrics. Engagement is one-sided. A connection is mutual. Regavi is a PRM -- Personal Relationship Manager -- rather than a contact manager or a CRM (customer relationship manager). Regavi offers control over the information shared between two people and encourages injective (one to one) rather than surjective (one to many) relationships.

As Regavi moves down our product development pipeline, the technology we have developed, a secure means of selectively sharing information, becomes less about fostering individual connections and more about protecting our users. Finding ways to securely share information with doctors’ offices, on job applications, ensure equal voting identification standards, and prevent fraudulent transactions are a few of the problems a successful Regavi would solve.

Currently raising funds to integrate the Ethereum or Stratis blockchain identity products into our core functionality, Regavi approaches identity verification from a perspective vastly different from any potential competitors. Others approach the problem from a data storage angle rather than focusing on the people behind the data. Built on the core company principles of empowerment, transparency, and a people-first attitude, Regavi views the people each and every one of us know and care about as the best reference points for verifying each and every one of us are who we say we are. We hope you share our vision and look forward to being in touch.